LSRC Charter

 January 2005

The Lone Star Rubber Corps (the LSRC), is hereby established as a social club for gay men interested in rubber/latex wear and gear for fetish and play. The LSRC will promote men in rubber/latex by means of Internet, public gatherings, demonstrations of rubber gear at organized public events, etc., or by means suggested by the membership. The LSRC shall service the needs and desires of its membership. No dues, no protocol, no regulation: Just fun and respect.


It is our goal…

  • to, first and foremost, be rubber men, whenever and wherever possible.
  • to, through being active public rubbermen, show our communities and the public that rubbermen diversify and strengthen our culture.
  • to show all rubbermen that we can wear our rubber in public with dignity, pride and a friendly smile.
  • to educate and encourage potential and novice rubbermen, through public and fetish community involvement, to better understand rubber and to begin exploring our rubber selves.


LSRC meetings and events will be held at the discretion of the Organizers, or the whim of the membership. Any member can host an event. Events shall be posted on the official LSRC website. Monthly meetings shall be at the Rubber Nite Out (RNO) in conjunction with Leather, Rubber and Fetish Night on the first friday of each month at the Ripcord in Houston. All rubbermen in the region are encouraged to attend on the back bar, where Fetish Dress Code is enforced.

Rubber dress code shall consist of at least 50% by area of chosen body coverage, and at least 25% total body coverage. Attendance is strongly encouraged at all Rubber Events but not required.


Membership shall constitute email registration on the Official LSRC website and is open to all gay men interested in the rubber/latex fetish. Members may be removed or barred from future membership at the discretion of the Organizers, provided that sufficient explanation is provided to the membership at large upon request. Membership shall carry no responsibility, except to participate whenever possible, and to be respectful.


There are NONE. No treasure shall be appointed. Contributions are welcome to defray event costs but none shall be charged.


LSRC shall have no Officers. The Founders/Organizers serve on a voluntary basis, and have assumed responsible for organizing events and promoting the welfare of LSCR and it members. Any member is welcome to organize events, as long as these events are communicated to the group through the Official website and are in keeping with the spirit of the Charter. Feel free to consult the Organizers/Founders.

Official club business will be restricted in such a manner as to not interfere with our Goals, the growth of LSRC, or the freedom of the membership.


Official LSRC logo shall consist of a double diamond design. The inner diamond shall enclose an image of a rubber gasmask with two crossed rubber gaunlet gloves arrayed in a skull and cross-bones motif. The outer diamond will enclose the letters, in white capitals, LONE, STAR, RUBBER, CORPS, with each word in one section of this outer band.

The LSRC disavows itself and its membership from the consequences of any acts or lack of action on the part any of its membership or organizers/founders.

This charter shall remain on view on the official LSRC website Changes to the charter shall require an affirmative vote of 2/3rds of the membership, allowing for 2 weeks public view of proposed changes.