Gummbalaya XI Event Schedule

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We have a relaxed schedule for Gummbalaya, which allows plenty of time to explore sights, sounds, and tastes that New Orleans is famous for, or just hang around in the Play Room!  The Rubber onsite playroom is equipped to meet the needs of rubber enthusiasts.  We may also be coordinating with the NOLA-Pups and Handlers and the Lords of Leather for some joint Rubber Puppy and leather activities, so be prepared for anything!

Registration Package is $62 (CASH or Card at registration in On-site Playroom)

  • INCLUDES:  Catered Cajun Chicken and Jumbalaya Dinner Sunday post parade
  • INCLUDES:  Catered French Bistro Monday Brunch
  • INCLUDES:  Gummbalaya Mardi Gras Beads
  • INCLUDES:  3-day pass to onsite BDSM Play Room (LAMOTHE HOUSE HOTEL / Marigny House)
    • Tickets for all Events can be purchased separately

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS  (underlined included in registration)

4pm-12pm  – Registration & On-Site BDSM Playroom  –  LAMOTHE HOUSE HOTEL-Marigny House


10am-6pm – Registration & On-Site BDSM Playroom  –  LAMOTHE HOUSE HOTEL- Marigny House

7pm- 9pm       – FQ Rubber Dress Code Dinner-PERE ANTOINE (pay your own way)

9pm- midnight     – FQ Bar Crawl-Route        Good Friends—Rawhide—Lafittes in Exile—Red Lantern—Phoenix (late night)


10am-2pm – On-Site BDSM Playroom  –  LAMOTHE HOUSE HOTEL- Marigny House

2pm – Southern Decadence Parade  – FRENCH QUARTER (Attendees are encourage to walk with NOLA PUPS!!)

5pm-7pm   Post-Parade Cajun Fried Chicken and Jambalaya Dinner – LAMOTHE House court yard.

6pm-12pm On-Site BDSM Playroom  –  LAMOTHE HOUSE HOTEL-Marigny House


9am- 11am        – French Bistro Brunch  –  LAMOTHE HOUSE HOTEL-Marigny House

Individual Tickets:  Playroom (Daily Passes) $10.00, Cajun Dinner $15.00, Bistro Brunch $15.00    CASH or CARD

New Orleans activities available during Gummbalaya include but are not limited to the following: Voodoo Tours, Cemetery Tours, Swamp Tours, Mississippi River Boat Tours, River Plantation Tours, Audubon Aquarium, Audubon Zoo and more!

For your convenience we now offer payment by CC. There is a $2 CC surcharge for cc processing.