. . . to New Orleans

Getting to New Orleans is easy:

  • Access to the French Quarter by road is from I-10 off the Orleans or Esplanade exits (exits 235 & 236).
  • N.O. Airport, located in suburban Kenner, is serviced by most major airlines.
  • Amtrak daily trains run from Chicago via Memphis and from New York City via Atlanta (and thrice weekly from Los Angeles via Texas) and all intermediate points, terminating at the downtown Union Station. Greyhound also runs to Union Station.

From either Hub, a taxi or shuttle is required to reach the Quarter. Cab fares can range from $10 from downtown to $30 or so from the airport. We recommend United Cab from the airport. They are reliable and consistent.
We also recommend posting on the RubberZone forums (Travel) if you would like to link up with others to share rides from the the airport on arrival. You can also arrange to share cabs with others when you leave town.

Parking in New Orleans:

Although you can rent a car at the airport, most everything is within walking distance or on the tram lines, and a car is not necessary. If you are driving in from the surrounding regions or states, be aware street parking is limited. OBEY parking signs! Check on the Host Site page for further details on Parking.

. . . in New Orleans

Traveling within New Orleans is Easy:

Feet, Taxis, Street Car (St. Charles and Canal Street lines)

New Orleans is a great place to wear rubber (we know from years of experience). Most shops, restaurants, residences, and late night spots in the FQ (and Marigny) are within walking distance from the Host Site. The Garden District is on the St. Charles streetcar line, which starts just blocks from the Host Inn! Taxis are readily available and cheap. Your Inn manager can arrange one for you.  Watch out for the Sun and daytime heat!  Take and drink water and stay in the shade.


The French Quarter & Marigny are safe areas but all visitors are STRONGLY ADVISED to heed the following advice. At night, visitors walking alone at night and who especially have been drinking are targeted. If you are out in the evening, it is recommended you do the following: take a minimum of cash and plastic and an ID, travel in pairs or groups, and if alone or in a small group take a taxi back to your room. Taxi fares from within the French Quarter are $5 and are well worth the price.
Beware of Pickpockets!

If you have any concerns about local conditions, consult your hotel/B&B manager.