LSRC Membership

Membership in the Lone Star Rubber Corps (LSRC) is simple. Just attend our events!

To be notified of events by e-mail and be a part of the LSRC, please send an email to Please indicate your Location (city), age, and rubber interests!  NOTE: As part of our site overhaul, We will be upgrading our email service soon!)

Remember, other members may be looking for YOU! Of course, we will always respect members privacy.

Please read the Club Charter. The Charter gives a brief outline of our basic philosophy: rubber without the fuss.

The LSRC has no Officers per se. The Organizers currently consist of the founding members, who have assumed responsibility for overseeing the direction of the Lone Star Rubber Corps, in keeping with the terms of our Charter. Their objective is to facilitate contact among rubber men in the Texas-Southwest-Gulf Coast region through the organization of LSRC events and other contacts. They will keep non-event related activities to an absolute minimum!

If you would like to be more involved in the LSRC and its activities, give one of us a ring! Organizers are needed in each major city in our region.