LSRC Rubber Events

The Lone Star Rubber Corps has 2 primary events:

1: Gulf Coast Gummbalaya in New Orleans (see top link) in June

2: New Years Eve rubber bondage party (by invitation only due to limited space – drop us a line to get to know us!)

For the past decade we have hosted public Demos and private parties in many of the major cities in our region. Future events will be posted on our FB page and by our new email system (in development).  Some of these events may be short notice, so if you are interested in finding out about activities, be sure to sign up for email notices (in development).

Please contact us if you would like to :

  • host or organize a rubber event in your area,
  • invite LSRC to be part of your event, or
  • be notified of upcoming events, new Images, or other LSRC News …